Monday, October 22, 2007

Cruise Vacation - Day 3

This morning we woke up at 7 :30am feeling refreshed, excited and ready for the day. We checked out our cruise Compass (schedule for the day) and decided on what we would do for the day. As I showered, Tim ordered us room service for breakfast. Shortly afterwards, breakfast came and it was great. How wonderful it was to sit there and eat breakfast on our balcony watching the ocean, the Lord’s amazing creation, pass us by!

After breakfast, we lathered up in sunscreen and headed upstairs to the Sports deck. We made an attempt at mini-golf, but it was way too windy, so we gave up. Then Tim decided to be brave and try Flowrider. He made 3 attempts at surfing, he did better each time, but his surfing skills still need some major improvement. I’m still considering doing it myself, but I worry that it will bang up my already bad knees. After he was done surfing, we went to play some ping pong. Then we did some window shopping on the Royal Promenade.

Tim surfing on the flowrider


Me mini-putting

Then we had lunch in the dining room where Tim had Fajita’s and Turkey Parmigiana and I had a made-to-order shrimp bowtie pasta…..very yummy yet again. After lunch and with very full and bloated bellies we went to get ready to go to the pool where we swam for a bit, then read books by the pool. On our way back inside we watched a bit of the belly flop competition, which was pretty funny. Tim then went to his dodgeball and ping pong tournaments while I stayed on the balcony and ready my book while listening to the crashing waves. At some point I dozed off, and ended up napping for about 30 minutes.

Kids splash pad / pool

Family pool area

Adults Only Pool

Tim came back very sweaty from his tournaments. His team won the dodgeball tournament, so he got a gold medal, but he lost in the first round of ping pong so he was disappointed in that. After that ,we just decided to walk around the ship. We realized that I forgot to pack my USB cable for my little (waterproof) camera, so as much as I’d love to post video of Tim on the Flowrider and pictures of us swimming, it will have to wait until we return. We may go check out the stores when we are in port to see if we can find one.

It was then time to get showered and ready for dinner. It was formal night and I was so excited, oh how I love dressing up and getting Tim dressed up! We had sent Tim’s suit and shirt out to be dry cleaned and pressed and it came back in plenty of time. So, we got all gussied up and headed to the Promenade where there were tons of photographers waiting to take our picture. We got a few shots and we’re hoping one of them turned out nice. I realized that my face was a bit red from the sun, and I put blush over that, so I think I looked a bit tomato-like, but oh well!

All ready for formal night


While we were on the Promenade, the captain came down on this cool bridge that just appeared from the ceiling, very cool. He addressed the crowd, welcomed us on board, and introduced some of the main staff.

The Captain on the flying bridge

We then went to dinner which, once again, was fabulous. Tim had pear soup, sirloin steak, and for dessert this was a first for him, he had TWO FULL desserts – strawberry cheesecake and cherries jubilee. He was watching others eat their cherries jubilee and he asked for some as well. I had escargot and shrimp cocktail, lobster bisque, mushroom linguine, and a light soufflé. We were very impressed. We’ve been very good about not snacking between meals so we really build up a decent appetite. We are really enjoying our tablemates as well, it’s nice to have the same tablemates each night. We also loved meeting new people on the ship all day!

After dinner, all full and happy!

After dinner we headed back to our room to get into more casual attire. When we got into our room, our cabin steward, Sheldon, had made us a Stingray towel creature which was very cute. They make up your rooms in the morning AND in the evening here.

Our Stingray towel

Then we went to the singing/comedy show in the Platinum Theatre. It was this guy who did impressions of various singers, it was very funny, but Tim didn’t know who most of the people he was personating were, so I enjoyed it more than he did. My favourite was a Josh Groban impersonation, and also Louis Armstrong (So I think to myself, what a wonderful world!). By the time that show ended it was after midnight and we were really tired!! We headed off to bed. Another glorious day, how blessed are we???

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Tiburon said...

Oh my gosh I am so jealous. You both look so great all dressed up! And that surfing things looks so cool. I want to go on a cruise now!