Monday, October 22, 2007

Cruise Vacation - Day 4

This morning I woke up way too early but I was too excited to sleep….I wanted to see the ship pull into Labadee, Haiti. So, I got up and headed outside onto the balcony in my pajamas and watched as we pulled into port. It was so beautiful! I watched the boats come out and help to anchor the boat. Tim was still sleeping, but he did finally decide to wake up, we ordered breakfast and ate it as we watched all the goings on happening on the island. We decided that we didn’t want to get off the ship today as we had already been to this island and we just wanted to enjoy more of the ship. We have three VERY busy days coming up, so we wanted one more relaxing day!

Haiti (from our balcony)

We went up to the sports deck again and Tim did some flowriding where I watched him wipe out again. I’m still contemplating doing this, we’ll see……We still need to try the rock climbing wall and ice skating as well. Just not enough hours in the day, especially when you’re reading as much as we are, LOL. Then we headed out for a swim. We had a fun, long swim in the solarium pool trying to work off our breakfast. We also went into the cantilevered hot tubs that were overlooking Haiti and that was very nice and relaxing. We then just lay out in the sun to dry off before lunch. For lunch we headed to Johnny Rockets where we were treated with a performance of Staying Alive by the waiters and cooks which was hilarious. For lunch I had a BLT, Tim had a chicken club with a chocolate shake and we shared a few onion rings.

Tim after yet another wipe-out

After lunch, we came up for some more reading and I had a nap again. I’m telling you, the sun just makes me so sleepy, I can’t help it. I feel like I’m 90 years old!! After my nap I was sooo excited to head down to the spa for my ocean massage. First I was covered in seaweed and wrapped in foil. While I was wrapped I got a lengthy scalp massage and foot massage. Then I washed the seaweed off and was given a deep tissue massage. The whole thing lasted 2 hours – heavenly! While I was in the spa Tim was playing volleyball and he competed in a “closest to the pin” golf simulator competition and won a silver medal, he was so proud!

Then it was time to go back to our cabin and shower and dress for dinner. Tonight we went to Portofino, which is an Italian specialty restaurant here on the ship. We had been there before the last cruise and it was everything we remembered it to be! It was 6 courses of the yummiest Italian food. I had way too much food to list, so I won’t bore you with my piggy details. Tim’s enjoyed his food as well.

Getting ready to eat our dessert – chocolate OVERLOAD!

After dinner we went for a stroll through the ship and stopped in the Promenade to check out the sites. After that we took in the musical comedy called “Ever After” which we enjoyed. Following that, we headed to bed REALLY excited about our day tomorrow in Montego Bay, Jamaica where we will be swinging through trees!

Us on the Promenade in front of a café

Looking down from the 11th floor

Pictures from the Musical tonight


Tiburon said...

You are looking more tan every day! I can't wait to hear about Jamaica - it sounds like you are having a great time :)

Jen said...

Laura - that cruise next fall will be sooo beautiful. I am a tad biased as I grew up in New England, but you will never find such a beautiful place as the North East in the fall!! Have fun!