Friday, October 26, 2007

Cruise Vacation Day 7 - Cozumel, Mexico

This morning we woke up at 9am…..oh boy, am I ever going to pay for it when we get home and I have to wake up at 6am again! We woke up, ordered room service for breakfast and ate on our balcony as we watched the boat dock in Cozumel, another beautiful place! Last night as we were sleeping there was a major storm and the boat was a-rocking….so much so that our balcony door flew open! We could see the ocean water was very choppy which concerned as we would be snorkeling today. I quickly checked my e-mail, and it was a good thing I did as we got an email informing us that our excursion (privately booked – not through ship) was cancelled. I was pretty upset as I had done tons of research to find just the right excursion, and now it was cancelled……booo…..oh well, life goes on.

Shots of Cozumel from the ship

We got off the ship to figure out what we would do and we found some people who would bring us scuba diving again – score!! We were pretty excited about that, so off we went. First we again got all the safety instructions and signed our waivers. Then we were off. It was a rough, rough ride to the scuba spot, we were really crashing in those waves – yikes! We got all geared up and the scuba guy (I never did get his name) pushed us in backwards. This time we went 25-40 feet deep. Again, this was so amazing… be swimming around like you’re a fish in the ocean is unbelievable, how do you describe that? I kept floating up a bit, so the guy gave me extra weights to keep me near the bottom. Yesterday I was told that women are naturally more buoyant, LOL.

Some more scuba shots

We saw different fish than yesterday, but the most amazing thing we saw were the beautiful reefs, so colourful! This time there were no green eels attacking me, so I was happy about that as that is what I was most nervous about from the day before. We swam around and came up after 45 minutes again. It went by way too fast!! We got back on the boat and head back to shore, again, jumping and crashing through the waves which was nice and painful on the back and bum. Once ashore, we headed back to the ship to have lunch, shower and change, then headed back to land to do a bit of shopping. And then again headed back to the ship where we, yes you guessed it, napped. Later on we figured out that the motion sickness tablets we’ve been taking the last two days (for the small boats on the excursions) are what have been making us so sleepy – OOPS! I had no idea.

Us in front of the ship

After naps we headed up to the sports deck where we watched some flowriders, Tim played some basketball and then he did some wall climbing. He almost got to the top, but apparently he was too tired to make it to the top and he blamed the pills, who knows.

Tim climbing the wall

After that we headed back to our room to get ready and then proceeded to the Platinum Theatre for the show “In The Air”. It was basically singers and dancers swinging around and dancing and singing all over the place, in the air, the aisles, etc. It was pretty good and we enjoyed it. After the performance was dinner where we headed. The menu was our least favourite of the week, but we still managed to eat well. I had salad, talapia with shrimp, and crème brule and Tim had a fruit plate, steak and shrimp, and two pieces of banana crème pie. By the time dinner was over it was after 11pm and we were so knocked out still that we headed to bed. Looking forward to a relaxing day at sea tomorrow, but NOT the fact that it is our last day on the ship…..though we do miss our babies a lot!

In The Air show

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Tiburon said...

Cozumel looks so cool! those underwater pics are so cool. I want to come on a cruise with you next time - you know how to do it right!