Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mommy is going back to work!

Yes, it's true.....I'm heading back to work. I will be working at Psion Teklogix as a Configuration Management Specialist. The awesome thing is it is just 10-15 mins from home and my workweek is 37.5 hours. But, it's really hard to believe after so much time simply being a Mom and wife. Everyone keeps asking "are you sad??", and the truth is, that no, I'm not. Of course I'll miss the kids tremendously, but I'm really looking forward to heading back to work. I'm looking forward to showering and getting dressed up every day, I'm looking forward to socializing, using my brain more, and most importantly I'm looking forward to having one quiet meal a day. I've always been slighly envious of Tim's daily quiet lunch, now I get my turn too :)

We have found a home daycare for the kids that has worked out perfectly. The kids love her! We've done a few "test" days and they have gone so well, I couldn't be more happy. It will make going back to work all the easier. The good news is, either Tim or myself should be able to pick the kids up by 4pm each day, so we'll still have many hours together each's win-win for everyone! I'm just enjoying my last few days as a stay-at-home Mom.

Tim's new job is going great, he's really enjoying it. There is a huge learning curve for him with learning the different product.....I mean, a Blackberry is alot different than a security alarm receiver, but he is enjoying learning and meeting new people. I can't definitely tell he's happier, and that makes me happy. Not that he wasn't happy at his last company, just he was just really ready for a change.

Joshua is just continuing to thrive like you wouldn't believe. Just in the last few weeks he has done some wonderful things that he hadn't done in the past. His talking is really improving, and with that comes a newfound confidence in himself. It's just mind-boggling the difference. His newest thing is to put puzzles together, I'm not talking baby puzzles, but pretty involved amazes me! Also in the last few weeks he has finally figured out how to ride his bike and also he is colouring in the lines when he colours something in......just big changes that warms a Mother's heart!

Kaia is, well, Kaia.....LOL. No, she is awesome. She's just a jabber jaw, just talking CONSTANTLY, it's hard to keep her quiet. She is definitely going through some terrible two's with her temper tantrums. That girl knows what she wants! She just can't be reasoned with.....I'm not used to that because I could always reason with Josh. She really is a great little girl, though, and we can't complain. Other than the tantrums, she literally has a smile on her face constantly.....she is always happy and giggling, which is a complete contrast to Josh's constant serious state. We just laugh at the fact that Kaia is just like me (impatient, high energy, always on the move) and Josh is just like Tim (shy, serious, patient, laid back). Oh, and Kaia is starting to get a bit of curl to her there is hope that one day my kids may have a LITTLE bit of me in them!

And we're about to have a new neice/nephew.....we're (impatiently) waiting for Judy (Tim's sister) to deliver her first baby. Come on baby, Auntie Laura wants to go shopping!

And, as you can see, we are just 3 short weeks away from our cruise........soooo exciting, but so many other things to focus on at the same time!

OK, I really need to update this thing more frequently so that I don't have to type so much!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

43 Days

That's how many days we have left until our cruise. Oh.....I am SOOOO excited, I can't even tell you. Tim and I really need some time alone together to regroup and have some adult time. We are still working on our weightloss goals. I have 12 more pounds I'd like to lose before the cruise, and Tim has 7 more pounds. I think our goals are ambitious, but I am REALLY hoping to get there. I've been shopping for some new outfits and bathing suits. I mean, I've lost almost 50 pounds and have hardly bought any new clothes, so I think it's time.

Tim's new job is going well. At this point, he's just getting acclimated to it all. He got his Blackberry yesterday and was playing around with it. He has met some nice people already. He is especially enjoying the shorter commute, it gives him back about 1 hour per day!! I also have a couple interviews next week set-up. Hopefully they go well.

Kaia starts her ballet classes next week, so that will be fun. Other than that, nothing much going on with the kids right now. They do keep asking when we're going away so they can go to Grandma's house....ha ha! I did ask Josh yesterday what he thought of me going back to work and he said to me "We already have a job, Daddy goes to work! You no go to work Mommy". Oh, how sad. Hopefully it all works out.....we'll just keep praying that things fall into place.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Busy (fun) week & Tim's first day!

So, as I type this Tim is getting ready for his first day at RIM. He's pretty excited. Today is just an orientation type day for him in Kitchener. He doesn't get to go to his actual office until tomorrow. Speaking of jobs, I didn't get that job that I interviewed for last week. I am chugging on though. I have applied for several jobs and hopefully something comes up in the next little while....we'll see. I can only apply for the next couple of weeks because we'll be going on vacation in about 6 weeks, after which point I'll re-focus on job hunting.

So, last week with Tim home was fun fun fun! We went to African Lion Safari and the CNE, and just hung out and had a nice time. We got the toyroom almost finished, still some tweaking to do before I will reveal the room yet.....stay tuned! Today we have the painters coming to finish up the outside of the house, hopefully that turns out OK as well! It feels good to have the house stuff almost all done.

Here are some pictures from our trips to ALS and CNE: