Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Yay - Almost December!

Oh, how I love the Christmas season. The Christmas carols have begun already on all the radio stations, and that really puts me in a good mood. I'm almost finished my Christmas shopping and the Christmas cards are all sent! Now it's just time to enjoy the wonderful season.

The kids are doing wonderfully. They both like skating class though neither can quite stand on their own yet.....they'll get there soon hopefully! Josh is doing really well in swimming class and speech therapy. Kaia is enjoying ballet class and reminds me at least daily that she is a Ballerina. The problem is, this ballerina doesn't even know how to get off the ground though, so it makes it hard to do the ballet jumps. Mind you, she THINKS she is getting off the ground when indeed she is just getting onto her tiptoes. It's really cute.

Last night we had Tim's work Christmas party in Kitchener. It was great to finally meet some of Tim's coworkers and put faces to names. The food was yummy too! We had a nice time but we're a little tired today. It's not the best of ideas to have a party on a Tuesday night an hour away from home.

Little by little I'm getting more used to this working/Mom/wife thing. It's crazy how I am going continually from morning to night.....but I wouldn't change it. The kids just LOVE being at daycare with all the other kids and every morning they are eager to get there. My mornings start at 6am when I shower, get ready, get the kids ready and we're at daycare by 7:15am and I'm at work by 7:30am. I'm SOOOO lucky that Quyen feeds them breakfast......when Josh starts J/K in the fall I guess I won't be so lucky!

We have decided that we aren't sending Josh to the Christian school. There are various reasons, but it mainly comes down to how far away the school is from our place....also factor in cost and the fact that the public school by our house has a great reputation....we just feel it will be a good fit for him. He already has some social issues with his shyness, and so he will already know several kids at public school so that would make the transition easier for him. So, prayerfully, we have made that decision. He is enjoying Sunday school every week (as is Kaia!) so that is a blessing!

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